The most avant-garde and beautiful classic bike

Not because it is an electric bicycle means it should look like it. Classic retro style design with high-quality components and the most advanced technology solutions. Everything is completely invisible so nobody has a clue of your superpower.


A perfect driving experience

Electric system elements weight is strategically distributed to improve driving. Classic and tested geometry, 28” wheels for greater stability, wide handlebars for improved handling and the engine on the rear hub to increase safety in rainy conditions, steep turns and demanding climbs.


One of the world’s lightest electric bikes

14.5 kilograms, 40% less than the average electric bicycles and only slightly more than conventional bicycles. Mount with only the components necessary for your enjoyment, minimalism in its pure state.


All techonolgy at your fingertips, invisible and integrated

Battery invisible and integrated into the frame, engine integrated into the rear hub with cadence sensor and an integrated USB port to be able to load other mobile devices while you enjoy your trip. Control all information from a digital screen to select the assist mode, know the current battery level and other parameters such as speed and km travelled.



  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 Frame
  • Aluminium Alloy 606 1Fork
  • Calliper Brakes
  • 250W Rear Hub Motor
  • Invisible and integrated Samsung 36V Battery, 6.8ah with USB charger
  • Puncture proof tires
  • LCD Display Monitor
  • Single speed
  • 25 km/h Max speed (regulated by the EU)
  • Weight of 14.5 kg
  • 3 hours of charging time
  • Range of 60-80 km's
  • Ride Experience - Torque sensor with 5 levels of pedal assist
  • Premium genuine leather grips
  • Premium genuine leather saddle
  • Premium aluminium pedals

Powerful and reliable motor

250W engine (EU standard maximum allowed) smooth and powerful, located on the rear hub with autonomy between 60-90 km. An extra help to exit safely at traffic lights or help in steeper climbs. Just enjoy your ride, going faster, farther and without sweating.


What's more?

City proof components

Latest generation anti-puncture wheels and strong aluminium frame to be agile and reliable


Sustainable transportation that only uses electrical energy helping to reduce carbon footprint

Good for your health

Commuting by bicycle helps to improve your athletic condition and improves your mood

Collaboration felines social project

We will donate 50€ for every single bicycle purchased through this Kickstarter campaign plus a company donation every single time we reach certain goals. We want to reach 15.000 € to help minimize the number of large carnivores being kept in captivity and to highlight the direct link between the cub petting industry and the ‘canned’ hunting industry. We want to make everything clear and with your authorization.

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