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Being part of the team

We know Asia

The main difference that distinguishes us from other brands is that we live or have lived in Asia for a long period of time. We understand Asian culture, we speak their language and we know how to collaborate.

Quality before quantity

We have created strong boundaries that brands which only come to manufacture or place orders will never have. Our aim is to deliver trust and a quality product that fulfills your rider expectations.

Team of friends

We are friends, then a humble team trying to bring some value to the bicycle industry. This is our interpretation of a bicycle that we, as cyclists, would like to use.

Who we are


Marketing & Sales Director and Brand Manager

Marketing & Sales Director and Brand Manager
He is a born entrepreneur that loves to be involved in new projects and concepts. He is an active road and mountain cyclist, therefore, being part of an amazing team and innovating in the way we commute, is like a dream come true for him.


Logistics and Finance Manager

He is the smart ass of the group. Suma cum laude both in University and MBA, he masters finance like no one else. He is living in China since 2015 which gave him a deep understanding of it’s culture and language. Also, he loves rain since he feels more productive.


International Expansion Manager

He is a man made itself. He is being working between Europe and Asia for the last 10 years, living there permanently for the last 4 years. He is a travel lover and a technology geek and also, the big brother that everyone needs. His friendship is gold


Chief Design Officer

She is the sensitive part of Lauva. She is a perfectionist, super creative and talented woman. Her main role is to stop all our craziness and nonsense taste of art and make everything looks beautiful and appealing


Photographer & Filmmaker

He is the person in charge of the awesome cinematography and photography. Our friendship, and using the best cheese to attract him, allows us to work with such artists. It’s always important to know how to convince your partners and their weaknesses.


Logistics & Supply Chain

He was Kim’s course mate at the University. He is driven, passionate perfectionist (sometimes too much), and always strives for the best. He worked at a logistics company until last year. Jon collaborates with us in everything related to the logistics and supply chain.

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